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 Have you ever visited the Shrine Museum? The offerings on display there wax eloquent about the wonders Our Lady do in her devotees' lives.

There is a frame containing a child's golden image: given by a grateful couple who, after many years of marriage, got a child through the intercession of Our Lady.

There is silver heart: given by a man, who after being abandoned by the doctors, was miraculously cured by Our Lady.

There is golden stethoscope: given by a girl who owes it Our Lady for successfully completing her MBSS.

Everyday hundreds of pilgrims visit the Rector's office and all of them have one story or the other of how Our Lady miraculously intervened in their lives and changed their lives for the better.

This section contains the testimonials of such devotees.

These testimonials give us the message that if we pray fervently and with faith, Our Lady will definitely perform a miracle in our lives too.

If you have experienced the miraculous intervention of Our Lady in your life, please submit your testimonial here. It will give a faith lesson to someone in distress.

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