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Aged Home

 As part of its social outreach programmes, the Shrine Basilica, Vailankanni began a Home for the Aged in the year 1977 to take care of the growing number of old people left abandoned by their children. It was christened St Joseph's Home for the Aged - in which name it remained until 2004, when Tsunami struck and the inmates were shifted to a new building in a safer location to the left of the Mariology Institute. The new building was called after Pope John Paul II.

Presently, Pope John Paul's Home for the Aged - under the stewardship of Sr Selvam FBS and Sr Helinora FBS - has 31 inmates: 12 men and 19 women. The inmates are provided everything: food, medical care, clothes, toilet articles, besides a little pocket money in case they want to buy something. The Home is run on a generous grant from the Shrine and donations from good hearted people.

The Home admits both men and women. But to earn a place, a candidate should have the following qualifications.

1. He/she should be a Catholic.
2. He/she should have no assets.
3. He/she should not be a pensioner.
4. The Parish Priest should confirm the candidate's suitability.

Enough care is taken by the Management to cater to the spiritual well being of the elderly in the Home. Except on Saturdays and Sundays, on all other days, the Mass is offered at the Home. Once in a month a priest goes to hear confession. Besides, they have their daily schedule of prayer, visits to the blessed sacrament and rosary.

Incase an inmate dies, the Management itself arranges for the burial, unless someone from his/her family comes to claim the body.

If you want to make a donation for Pope John Paul's Home for the Aged, please contact:

The Rector,
Shrine Basillica,
Vailankanni-611 111,
Nagapattinam Dt.,